Behind the Scenes: Meet the Animals of Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farms

by May 13, 2020News

Here at Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farms, our animals are part of the family. When you visit the Ranch you will see how they provide so many benefits to our humble patch of earth. Plus, they are really cute. Several helpful creatures call the Ranch home & comprise our animal operation. Each of our animals contributes to the overall health sustainability of the Ranch in their own way. We treat all of our animals with kindness, love and with great respect for the role they play in our bio-diverse universe. We want to take some time to introduce you to these two and four-legged friends that are essential to life as a regenerative farm.



When you arrive on the ranch you will be greeted by our two Border Collies, Frito, and Patch. We call them the dynamic duo and they have given themselves the job of Official Ranch Greeters. They are the friendliest dogs you will ever meet unless you are a coyote or a gopher. Frito has a special way of reminding you of his presence. You’ll see! Patch’s hidden talent is soccer and he has 44 acres to practice on.


You can’t tell by looking at her, but Zoey is our #1 boss around here. She tells the horses what’s what, keeps the goats in line, and out-runs all the ranch dogs. This girl is so special we are even writing a book about her. Stay tuned for “Zoey The Ranch Dog!” (working title). 




These next few pups make up our squad of livestock managers. Charlie was raised as a sheepdog and is one of the best sheep-protectors in the county. With Charlie on the job we don’t even have to worry. This guy takes his job seriously. Our sheep are growing in number and thriving in their environment.  We are so lucky to have him!



Mia is a Queensland Heeler, and the sweetest little cattle dog. She is the best companion on the Ranch. We just love her and you will too! 


Toby is our gentle giant. He is a Great Pyrenese and a wonderful livestock guard dog. From the sheep to the chickens and every four-legged friend in between, Toby is our protector.  



Llama llama, Spot the llama! Llamas are protective fellas by nature and Spot fits the mold. From his vantage point, high on the hill, he keeps watch over all of us here at Hidden Canyon Ranch. You can count on him hanging out at a distance with his little herd of horses. This elusive guy is always a treat to “spot” out and about. If you are lucky and you happen to spot him, wave some greens his way and he will generously accept hand feeding. On top of being the cute silent type, as he grazes the pastures, he adds to the complex system of nutrients going into the soil. 



If you were hoping to find mini donkeys at Hidden Canyon Ranch, then you are in luck! Joshua and Luigi provide a daily dose of cuteness and cuddles around here. They are also affectionately known as our early warning system. These two sound the alarm with a robust hee-haw when someone drives up the lane. They also chase off coyotes and deer from the pastures. Speaking of nutrients going into the soil, these two graze on some of the tougher stuff that cattle don’t like, and by doing so, add their own little blend of donkey-doo to the land.


Trixie, our young Jersey Cow, was a tough girl to wrangle at first. It took a village, but after finally corraling her she had earned her name. She is one of many strong females around here and we love her for it. While it is not a contest, cow manure makes THE BEST compost ingredient ever. I think she knows how much we need her around. 


Marley is a sweet old Arabian that we adopted in his younger years. He gave us so many joyful rides on the Ranch and now he spends his retirement roaming the pastures with the rest of the herd. He loves carrots and ear rubs and is currently living his best old-man life. 


Red is a beautiful young quarter horse who was born on the Ranch in 2016. She grazes the pastures, contributing to the health of the soil as well and keeping the weeds down. She has a lot of life in her and will occasionally let one of our more experienced riders take her out for a spin. 



Our tribe of goats is a motley crew who have been adopted from various owners in the area. They love to be brushed, fed and loved on. In exchange, they keep us supplied with their leftover hay that they leave their nutrient-rich excrement in. And you guessed it – it goes in our composting. It’s a win-win for all of us!


What is a farm without chickens? The contributions that our happy hens lend to the health of our farming and ranching enterprise cannot be overemphasized. As they follow the livestock through the fields, they eat the bugs, stir up soil and manure, and add their own fertilizer to the land. The eggs they produce have dark yellow yokes bursting with flavor and high in nutrients, like Omega 3s and Vitamins A & E. Healthy chickens, healthy ranch, healthy us! Thank you, girls!

You can buy our eggs our farm stand. Call +1-310-892-6517 to check availability.


Weed abatement, fertilizing, grazing the cover crop in the vineyards, and delicious, pasture-raised meat that’s also hormone-free and organic. What more can we say?  We love our sheep!


Last but not least, Gina. Gina, the African Spurred Tortoise, needed a home and how could we say no? She helps us get rid of some of our old produce and kitchen scraps. Besides, what ranch would be complete without a tortoise, right? We’re sure she has some hidden talents too that we are yet to discover. We’ll keep you posted.


We are excited to share more of our adventures and learning with you. Come be a part of it all and support regenerative farming by taking a Farm Tour, shopping at our on-site Farm Stand and online store, or volunteering at the Ranch.




Hidden Canyon Ranch is located between the cities of Buellton & Lompoc, just off of highway 246 in rural Lompoc. 5425 Campbell Road, Lompoc, California 93436.