Pasture-Raised Lamb

by Sep 14, 2021News

Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farms

Introducing 100% Pasture Raised Lamb

Our lamb are born and raised here on the ranch roaming our hills and eating the grasses that grow here. We practice rotational grazing so that our lamb contribute to the health of our soils and are an important part of our little ecosystem. The result is healthy soils, healthy lamb and healthy you! Studies have shown that 100% pasture raised lamb has an omega 3 to 6 ratio almost the same as salmon. Not only that, the flavor profile is milder than traditionally raised lamb and the cuts are tender and juicy. Our ground lamb is comprised of prime cuts so your burgers, meatballs or whatever creation you whip up will be extra delicious.

Never given hormones, antibiotics or grains.

Shipping & handling

We can ship to you or arrange for pick up at the Ranch or in Malibu.

We are processing several more soon and if there is a specific cut you’d like or a whole, processed animal, let us know by 9/30.

Contact us for cuts, availability & pricing. 

Where we’re located

Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farms

5425 Campbell Rd

Lompoc, CA 93436

Farmstand is just inside the main gate!

Hours: Saturdays 9-5 PM or By Appointment 

5425 Campbell Rd, Lompoc, CA 93436