Pasture-Raised Ground Lamb – Lime Tequila Sausage


100% Pasture-Raised Lamb. Never given hormones, antibiotics or grains.

From the loin section, just behind the ribs. These mini T-bones offer the best of both worlds — part of the strip, part of the tender. Marinated or seasoned simply, these petite cuts cook quickly on the grill or in a hot pan.

Our lamb are born and raised here on the ranch roaming our hills and eating the grasses that grow here. We practice rotational grazing so that our lamb contribute to the health of our soils and are an important part of our little ecosystem. The result is healthy soils, healthy lamb and healthy you! Studies have shown that 100% pasture raised lamb has an omega 3 to 6 ratio almost the same as salmon. Not only that, the flavor profile is milder than traditionally raised lamb and the cuts are tender and juicy.

Price listed is per pound.
Average package size: 1 pound


We can happily arrange pickup at the ranch or our Malibu location, and can deliver within the Santa Ynez Valley and Malibu areas. Delivery requires a 3-lb minimum order.

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