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Our Mission

To work in harmony with all of nature’s elements.

We ranch sheep without the use of hormones & antibiotics and always keep them on pasture, moving them from one part of the ranch to the next where they get lots of fresh grass to graze and help keep our soil healthy. This creates a delicious, mild and extremely nutritious meat that we sell directly to you. All of our meat is USDA processed. Just contact us here (link to email here pls) to see what cuts are available.

Several other helpful creatures call the ranch home & comprise our animal operation. We treat all of our animals humanely and with great respect for the role they play in our little bio-diverse universe.



Interested in a more in-depth look at a day on the farm? Take a guided tour of the farm to learn about our best practices and goals.


Shop online for Hidden Ranch & Farms Gear, or find our organic produce and products in your favorite local store.


Cook up some of our favorite recipes inspired by ingredients from our gardens. Easy, healthy, and delicious!