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Hidden Canyon Ranch & Farms Vineyards

Our fist vineyard of pinot noir was planted in 2011. It is currently being farmed according to biodynamic principles to encourage soil health, plant health and overall ranch health. So depending upon the time of year, you may see a budding cover crop growing between the vines or our sheep grazing the cover crop while naturally fertilizing the soil, or the chickens busily eating the pests while leaving their own brand of fertilizer behind as well. Or maybe it’s summer and the vines are heavy with fruit so netting stretches over the vines, scarecrows abound & foil strips blow in the breeze, all acting as deterrents against pesky grape eaters from birds to deer to even coyotes.

We are excited to be preparing the earth for our second vineyard, which we will plant to Chenin Blanc. We have had our livestock graze the land, preparing the soil with their hooves & natural fertilizer. We have planted our cover crop to add additional nutrients to the soil and help hold the water during the winter rains. Finally, this Fall, you will see us begin to plant our vines. And this vineyard will be designed, of course, with the sheep in mind…

Hidden Canyon Ranch Vinyards

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